Financial Coaching

Financial Counseling and Coaching

Begin your journey to financial stability

Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Just like people hire a career coach to improve their success or a fitness coach to improve their physical well-being, a financial coach can help you improve your money situation and help you set and reach your financial goals. A financial coach is a personal financial expert that is knowledgeable about helping you understand your debt and cash flow and can helps to educate you about saving, retirement, budgeting, investments and insurance.

Kitty Bressington offers financial coaching so that you can understand how your money really works and set realistic expectations. She won’t do the work for you, but Kitty can support you in taking the important steps to gain control of your finances and help you begin your journey to financial stability. Throughout the process, Kitty will get to know you and your personal situation. She will then recommend the tools that it takes to manage your money, helping you achieve financial control and long-term success.

Financial coaching is available to anyone looking to take control of their finances. Give yourself the gift of financial empowerment. Coaching packages and single sessions are available after an initial complimentary consultation.