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Trust Administration & Trustee Services for Small Trusts

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Fiduciary Trust Administration & Trustee Services

Linden Financial Consultants, LLC, is an hourly-only/fee-only fiduciary established in 2013 to service individuals looking for a different type of investor-advisor relationship and who are often overlooked by traditional investment companies.  In 2021, Linden formalized their program to help small trusts often underserved by traditional banks and trust services companies receive that same level of relationship.

Trust Administration

A trust is a legal agreement that states the wishes of an individual(s) and how they choose to leave an estate (assets and property) to their heirs or beneficiaries. A trust can often protect the interest of the beneficiaries and help to avoid the costs of probate or working with the courts to transfer assets and property. The grantor, or the owner of the trust, must appoint a trustee to administer and oversee the trust. For smaller estates that often go unserved by traditional banks and trust service companies, this is usually a friend or family member. This duty comes with significant—and sometimes burdensome—responsibility and, often times, can lead to family tension and conflicts of interest.

Linden Financial Consultants, LLC, offers trust administration services for those who are no longer able to manage their finances or property, or those who wish to have a professional trustee appointed for the benefit of the beneficiaries after the grantor’s death. We are available to act as a trustee of small revocable and irrevocable trusts.


A trustee is an individual/organization that has fiduciary responsibility for administering the wishes defined in the trust. This fiduciary responsibility requires the trustee to protect and preserve the trust’s property and assets, defend beneficiaries against legitimacy challenges, handle tax filing, keep records, and distribute assets with care—holding the interest of the trust above all other issues. These duties require a substantial commitment. It is wise to appoint a trustee that has knowledge of these complex matters. With experience and knowledge in trust administration and fiduciary services, Linden Financial Consultants can act as a trustee to execute the wishes outlined by the trust while keeping the best interests of the beneficiaries in mind. Our small team, and low expense investment style, allows us to tailor our services to the needs of each client.

About Us

Linden Financial Consultants is an hourly-only/fee-only fiduciary that services clients often underserved by traditional financial services firms. Most banks and trust companies have minimum trust and estate sizes making these services unavailable or untouchable for many people. Small trusts are frequently charged fees disproportionate to their size and outsourced to call centers, receiving only periodic and impersonal service. This leaves people appointing friends or relatives to serve as their fiduciary, which can lead to family discord, burden, conflicts of interest and other complications.

We are here to change that. We offer low expense, no-nonsense consulting services to our trust administration clients.  This can be a perfect fit for smaller trusts where fee sensitivity is paramount to ensuring that trust assets perform their job efficiently. As a neutral, third-party fiduciary, Linden Financial Consultants provides personal service and flexibility serving as the trustee. We will collaborate with your existing attorney, CPA, and other professional advisors to offer integrated services you can trust to enforce the intent and terms of your trust.

Our Trust Services

Our fiduciary trust administration services, include:

Initial Services

•  Meet with grantor, if available, to define grantor’s intentions.

•  Meet with beneficiary or beneficiaries to determine their level of financial understanding and set expectations.

•  Establish investment vehicles and portfolios for the trust based on grantor’s wishes.

•  If trust includes property, a property visit to evaluate property condition and review of maintenance and repairs.

•  If transferring an existing trust, audit of trust investments and activity particularly if not provided by prior Trustee.

Ongoing Services

•  Oversee trust to execute wishes as defined.

•  Quarterly review of assets and rebalance as appropriate.

•  Ongoing review of portfolio and financials for tax management.

•  Annual account and expense summary​.

•  Distribute trust income, and principal, as outlined.

•  Monitor property, including sale and lease; supervise repairs and maintenance​.

•  Annual tax filing​.

•  Contact and collaborate with trust professionals, including estate attorney, CPA, etc.

•  Onsite property visits as required, but no less than biennial, if trust includes property.

Linden Financial Services, LLC, does not provide legal services, including the preparation legal documents. Fees for trust administration services vary based upon the fee arrangement selected and services rendered.