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Over 90% of women will be solely responsible for their own finances at some point in their lives.

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50% of Americans have less than one month’s income saved for an emergency.

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Each year, over a million couples seek divorce. Many of them are concerned about their financial survival.

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Welcome to Linden Financial Consultants, LLC, a financial advisory firm serving the Greater Rochester, NY, area

Linden Financial Consultants can help you understand and make smarter decisions about your financial well-being and financial future. Your financial plan should reflect your goals and objectives, not products or services. And your financial planner should work for you only. By offering competent, well-explained and objective financial planning advice at a fair fee-for-service, we can help you develop a personalized plan for retirement, college savings, insurance and more. Additionally, we can offer a second pair of eyes to help keep your investment portfolios and financial plans on track. Linden Financial Consultants offers flexible and collaborative financial advice available when, how and where you feel it’s needed.

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Mulling Over Money Matters

As I think about the world of finances, I’ve come to realize that, with so much misinformation, dis-information, and plain ole flat-out incorrect information floating around out there, sometimes the myths become part of our society’s knowledge foundation.  Much like the Greeks had their Mount Olympus myths, we have our Social Security myths so let’s do a little myth-busting. At least once a month, someone somewhat younger than myself (chronologically at least) makes the comment that they aren’t counting on read more

For many people, say the words “Monte Carlo” and visions of an overseas trip, sipping champagne while sashaying through a casino after playing a few hands of blackjack, and perhaps a very long car race come to mind. For those in the financial world, the words “Monte Carlo” refer to a report that looks a little like a bunch of tiny footed mice wandered from one side of the page to the other. Perhaps still some casino aspects but far read more

Protection comes in many forms and while not all levels of protection will apply to everyone, everyone should have at least a level or two in place, regardless of their age, gender, activity level, etc… Let’s start with the one nearly everyone has – FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). Right off the bat, let’s clarify that FDIC coverage applies only to banks, not credit unions, not money markets, and not savings & loans (although there aren’t too many of those read more